Shirt design for Dead End clothing. This was done with micron pen and Adobe Illustrator.

This graphic is available in a variety of colors and shirt options. If you’re looking to be dressed for success, check em out. Dead End has a cool thing going on and they’re a group of solid dudes.


this updates for you david.

dead ride.

Illustration for the Dead Ride flyer and poster, a zombie themed bike ride in Cleveland, OH on October, 16. The design and layout were done by the lovely Lindsey Bower. This ride should be a killer time so definitely check it out.

MAD MINDS shirts

These were done for Mad Minds, a ripping Cleveland Hardcore band who wanted shirts that were a shout out to some Cleveland bands who’ve influenced the scene. These were printed with the help of David Wilson of Downpour Creative. p.s check him out!

saberwolf and his water color friends..


Flyer for a good friend’s up coming show. Check it out it’s some good stuff.


Early sketch for a painting. Seedy Cleveland element watch out, Batmanotaur dont play!