Monthly Archives: September 2009

Cleveland Beer Week

I recently designed this logo for the quickly approaching Cleveland Beer Week. A week long event with the goal of promoting the craft and imported beer industry. It will be taking place at a number of different places all over the Cleveland area. The first annual Cleveland Beer Week will take place October 16-24 2009. For more details check out . It should be an awesome time.



El Batmano!

A good friend asked me to do a Batman illustration for him. His only request was that it was of Batman and it was in a vertical format. This was what I came up with. Sort of my own spin on the caped crusader. I really got into breaking Batman down as simple as possible and getting him to lose most of his human qualitys. To be honest I could have done a hundred more different drawings of Batman….there will be more to come. Ink/lots of wet into wet