Señor Hyde

mr.hydeFor the latest ALL TEETH ZINE. It has screen printed Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde art, by David Wilson, Chad Lewis, and Christopher Wymer. They all killed it! Check it out.


Some love for the Burgh.


it’s been awhile…

Integrity show flyer…oh BASEMENT BOYS too! Worldwide.

Illustration for the 2013 Dead Ride poster. A hundred of these bad boys are going out the the first 100 people to show up for the ride. Crank-Set Rides will also be putting out a sick raglan.

Check out for details on this ride and all of the other solid Cleveland rides they put together.

This was an illustration for Dog Days cd release show poster. Check out their album “Via Dolorosa” streaming, it’s killer.

This was based off of a poem for ALL TEETH zine. Check out the zine and all the amazing work David Wilson’s putting together over at Downpour Creative.

More flyer fun.

Some flyers for some sick upcoming shows.


Flyer for the DEAD RIDE’S second birthday. Design collabo with Lindsey Bower.


flyer doodles.

Ohio Surf & Skate Signature Series

This was a signature skateboard series illustrated and designed for a senior project. More specifically it showcased some of Ohio Surf and Skate’s sponsored riders as well as it’s connection to Cleveland’s East side skate scene. The project consisted of 7 signature boards, 3 shop boards, 2 shirt variations, and a point of purchase display which housed everything. These are some preview pictures of the display in the skate shop. Keep an eye out for more in depth and classy photos to come.


Shirt design for Dead End clothing. This was done with micron pen and Adobe Illustrator.

This graphic is available in a variety of colors and shirt options. If you’re looking to be dressed for success, check em out. Dead End has a cool thing going on and they’re a group of solid dudes.

this updates for you david.

dead ride.

Illustration for the Dead Ride flyer and poster, a zombie themed bike ride in Cleveland, OH on October, 16. The design and layout were done by the lovely Lindsey Bower. This ride should be a killer time so definitely check it out.